Thursday, August 4, 2011

wall art for bebe's room

Hello friends!

This morning I am dead tired, but determined to enjoy this not so hot morning and brainstorming ways to shake my tiredness (and heartburn and barfyness). I'm blasting some very upbeat classical music and pumping myself up to take on the day.  Outside the cicadas are making their strange buzzy-screechy noise. I can't believe it's August.

Joe and I went to an appointment with our midwife this morning. Everything with the baby is A-OK. I'm going to have an ultrasound next week because the midwife wasn't 100% sure of the baby's head-down position, although she's fairly positive she is head down.

Did I mention that we're considering having a home birth?  Joe and I are still undecided, but keeping our minds open.  One issue we're keeping in mind is that we live in a row house, connected to other houses on either side.  There is not brick wall between the houses, only drywall and insulation, so sound travels easily between the houses.  On one side we have a little old Portuguese lady, who I'm not too worried about her hearing my in labour, but on the other side our neighbours are doing a complete renovation of their house. There are at least 2 or 3 contractors at the house every day and the noise they make can be pretty loud in our house. Vice-versa, this bunch of beefy contrator men will be able to hear me in labour.  Something to think about...

I have a list of topics I'd like to post about, including home birth, breast-feeding, my hopes/worries/excitement about labour, etc. I'd also like to post about different myths and rituals surrounding child birth and motherhood. I'll have to put these off another day because my brain is just not up to it.

So... I've decided to show you some ideas I've gathered for the baby's room... The hardwood floor is going down on Monday, and we have new windows to be installed. Hopefully we'll be able to start putting the room together in 2 weeks or so (crossing my fingers).

Recycled dinosaur planters. 

from Roll&TumblePress, available on Etsy



instructions from Martha Stewart website. These seem super easy to make: tissue paper cut in circles secured to a paper lantern.

This image is from a house tour on the Apartment Therapy blog. As soon as she's old enough, doing something like this would be SO MUCH FUN!

This DIY project is pretty neat. We could spell the baby's name. I don't like the shape of the letter but that could be changed. 

Ok, bye for now!

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