Monday, April 30, 2012


So, I'm sure you're wondering about the title of this post.  I had a post about my trip to the Aberfoyle Antique market yesterday (and my first full day away from Ivy...) but I saw this print of a little ice cream cone pooping in the I Love Doodle shop on Etsy.

(... i should probably add that I just downed a big glass of wine on an empty stomach while watching a very emotional episode of Coronation Street...)
Everybody Poops print from I Love Doodle shop.

As anyone that spends a lot of time with babies knows, poop is a constant topic of conversation. Well... perhaps for some people with babies it isn't, but in my house it is... (as with a lot of scatological humor)...This may be too much information (tmi) for some, or relatable for others, but Joe and I often let each other know the details of Ivy's poop.  You can tell a lot about the wellbeing of a baby (or anyone, for that matter) by the look of their poop!

When Ivy was first born, I had some breastfeeding issues/milk supply issues, so our midwives were paying close attention to Ivy's pee and poop output.  We were filling out a little chart, detailing her little black tar poops. Then, for a few days, no poop!  Our midwives were worried, and of course, so were we. We checked each dirty diaper with anticipation, crossing out finger we'd find some poop. A few days passed and we were so worried.  And then she finally pooped! While Joe and I were sitting on the couch together, staring and cooing at wee little Ivy, she pooped all over us!  

I am elated that Ivy finally pooped!
Joe is also very excited.  Yeah for Ivy!
Why am I telling you this...?  Oh yeah, so after seeing that cute little ice cream cone pooping, and downing a big glass of wine on an empty stomach, and thinking about Ivy's poops, I decided to searched "poop" on Etsy and found this: 

Unicorn poop
A balloon dog pooping

A crochet pattern for a big poop

Rainbow poop charms

I am a little confused by this one. Someone is selling a Coprolite pendant
and apparently coprelite is agatized dinosaur poop?

Gotta run. Dill pickle chips are calling my name...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

wondering what my kid will look like....

When I was pregnant I think a part of me was so nervous about everything being okay with Ivy that I didn't really picture what she would look like.  I remember showing my mom my 20 week ultrasound and her first reaction was that she had my nose. Looking at Ivy's side profile in that ultrasound pic now I totally see how she looks so much like me.

Now I spend so much time staring at Ivy, wondering what she's going to look like. Like most babies, she was born looking like her dad (nature's way of preventing dad's from rejecting their young?), and now I feel like she's really morphing into a little mini-me.  

When I first saw this little American Apparel model, I immediately thought this little lady was Ivy's doppelganger.  What do you think? 
American Apparel kiddo

 I am constantly looking at toddlers and trying to picture Ivy running around, talking, playing with other kids.  Snot running down her face, drooling, stomping on adult's feet...  toddlers are so punk rock... doing it their way. I love it. 

Here are some other toddler models that I find hilarious.
Vintage shorts by Oh Sydney
Floral dress form Salvage House
Cute ketchup and mustard top from Salvage House
Dress from Little Vintage Me

No Kidding summer collection

Another outfit from the No Kidding summer collection

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ivy's hand-me-down and handmade nursery tour

My dad made our crib!  So talented...
Three generations... photos of my nana, my mom and me as little girls.
The mocassins on the right were made for Ivy by my friend Allison and the little white mocassins were my sis-in-law Julie's when she was a baby.
Ivy adores this geometric mobile from Artecnica.  
She also loves this fisher-price wind-up musical TV.  

This dresser was in my room when I was a kid.

This activity centre thing was in Joe's crib when he was a wee babe. 

I started collecting these big-eyes kid pictures when I was a teenager and I have a huge collection of them. 

I love these ones because I like to think they look like Joe and I.
This rocker belonged to my Papa, who died about 10 years ago. It was the chair he sat in every night. I recovered the cushions with fabric I found at Ikea.  This rocker is the perfect breastfeeding chair. The quilt over the back was made for Ivy by my Nana. 
Ikea wall-mounted spice rack as front-facing bookshelves.  The dog and cat embroidery was made by my mom and hung in my room as a kid. My dad made the frame.
I went to a huge kids garage sale last weekend and found this awesome dinosaur dress.  I can't decide whether to keep it for Ivy or sell it in the shop.
I also bought these barrettes. Now Ivy just has to grow some hair! 
Found these little rain boots too.
My nana's friend gave us this kiddie set of two chairs and a table.  Awesome, eh? 

Monday, April 23, 2012


I have never felt so consistently tired in MY LIFE than I have in the past week.

Ivy has decided to completely abandon her well established and amazing sleep routine of sleeping 5-7 hours straight each night (for a few months it was even 8 straight hours). For the past two weeks or so she has been waking up EVERY HOUR!!!

I haven't made a post for days because my brain has been sleeping while my body has been walking around like a zombie.  My limbs hurt, and so do the back of my eyes.  

But she always wakes up with a huge smile, and then beams all day long.  Oh Ivy....

I put up some new listings today...

Boys collarless denim shirt
Red and white gingham dress
Handmade royal blue cardigan sweater with plaid buttons
6-12 months
80s swimsuit
12-24 months

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BABY LEGGINGS! (and shop update)

Baby leggings are where it's at.  I like these ones--->

Hand printed leggings from Thief and Bandit

Hand printed gold ink on rust colour leggings, from Thief and Bandit
Snake Pyramid leggings from Thief and Bandit
Peace sign leggings from Topshop Mini
"Aztec" leggings from Topshp mini

Why not make your own baby leggings!  You can use t-shirts you already have, or you can go to a thrift store and find a shirt with a fun, interesting print.  Actually, any stretchy fabric will do. I'm definitely going to make a few pairs of plain old black leggings for Ivy, because while black leggings for women are a dime a dozen, they're hard to find for babies.

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