Wednesday, August 31, 2011

beautiful pastels + labour time?

I felt crampy all through the night last night.  Now it's 11am and I am still just bumming around my house, feeling tired. Maybe she's coming today!!!  But, as I think I mentioned in my last post, my midwife sister-in-law told me a few days ago that if you just think you might be in labour, you likely are not in labour.  

According to this website, this is what our baby will look like. I'm scared....

I found this through the blog Baby Space, an interior design blog devoted to spaces for kids, who found it on the blog Next Door to Magic, who found this image on ginette lapalme's Flickr stream.

bye for now!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm not-so-dirty thirty

I'm still preggers!  
Our wee bebe is getting bigger and I'm getting crankier and way more absent minded and distractible. It's been cooler in Toronto for the past week or so, which has been heavenly for me.  

I'm just working on my labour playlist.  
I just added some Arthur Russell to the mix.  So far I've got some Joanna Newsom, Sea and Cake, Nick Drake, Will Olham/Bonnie Prince Billy, Wilco and a whole whack of Kraftwerk.  I have no idea why my mind is telling me to put Kraftwerk on there... I think it's the bebe's choice.  I think she'll hate sappy Wilco just like her daddy.  Oh yeah, and Brenda Ray is on my list.  So dreamy...

I've been cooking up a storm
and filling my freezer with meals.  I just made some curried Swiss chard, lentil and chick pea stew. I found the recipe here, on Epicurious. I love Epicurious for the recipe reviews, which I get modification tips from.
Last week I made a meaty bolognaise pasta sauce, my own improvised chili recipe that I've been working on for years, modified from my dad's recipe....
---and some badass banana bread from these bad boys.  I used this recipe from Epicurious.

Oh yeah---last Saturday I turned thirty.  
I met up with some of my peeps at my favourite brunch spot Aunties and Uncles.  They have incredible omelettes and amazing dilly potato salad that they service with a few black olives.  YUMMY!  Joe and I went to St. Lawrence market later in the afternoon to get some fresh peaches, then we walked around the CNE before going to a TFC game.  I had a fabulous alcohol-free birthday.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NEON and the Toothbrush Family

Hello friends! 

I had a great sleep last night and am no longer experiencing signs that baby is on way. In fact, she seems very comfortable in there today.  I still feel hazy/crazy/mellow. Yesterday afternoon I spent over an hour obsessively putting together this horse puzzle while watching a particularly bad episode of Dr. Phil. BTW, this puzzle had little to no instructions.  I so smart.

Following this, I started to put together an Ikea closet thing that we bought for the baby's room.  Paying no attention to time, by the time Joe got home from work at 7:00 I had a spazz/sad-o attack because we had nothing to make for dinner.  Following our dinner of beans, eggs and cucumber, we spent another couple hours trying to put together the friggin' baby closet.... and it's still not done!


I found this neon jewelry pictured below while cruising the Interweb, but unfortunately I closed the tab of the blog that I originally spied it on... oops.  I love the big chunky tassles. The Jewelry is by Blandine Bardeau, a designer from London. After checking out the Blandine Bardeau website I proceeded to look up all things neon/florescent in Google Image Search.

neon piano

Oh.... Lisa Frank! I forgot about you!

I was hangin' with my friend Denise and her bebe this afternoon on Roncessvales and we saw Barbapapa toys.... 

...which made me think of the Toothbrush Family.  Does anyone else remember the Toothbrush Family? 

bye for now!

Monday, August 22, 2011

She's coming anytime now... I think. home birth!

Hi friends,

I've been off in la-la land
I've been off in la-la land for the past week or so, alternating between feeling insanely out of it and energetic bursts of nesting.  Last week I spent a few days napping and reading in bed with a terrible headache that I was worried was related to preeclampsia/high blood pressure, but my midwife came over and checked me out and determined it was likely a virus.  Phew!  I also spent a few days cleaning like mad, which is challenging in a house that's been under renovations for the past year and a bit.  

I'll be off in labour land soon... I think
Last week I had an ultrasound to double check the position of the baby and learned that the baby was very low in my pelvis and a few other things indicated to my midwife that the baby is ready to come out, and that I will likely deliver around weeks 37-38 (this week or next) than my due date of Sept. 11.  This past weekend I've been experiencing some of the signs that labour is approaching... Joe is betting on the baby coming on Wednesday. I was convinced all through last night that the baby would be born soon, but now that I'm up and moving around today I'm not too sure anymore.  

We've decided to try for a home birth
I'll write a more in depth post about our decision another time. Right now my mind is on a big fluffy cloud. 

The bebe's room

My nana lent us this glider/rocker, which was my late papa's favourite place to sit.  I'm just about finished recovering the cushions.

Joe and I successfully hung and assembled this pendant light from Ikea.  When lit it throws beautiful shadows on the wall.

I can't remember where I got this little dress, but isn't it sweet?

My parents have us this dresser.  It was in my room when I was a child.
My parents also brought over this bassinet, which I slept in as a baby. My brother, my two nephews and a few cousins also slept in this bassinet.  I still have to secure the lining to the inside.

The baby's room is a bit of a mess.  

Bye for now... 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Colour inspiration from 60s Marrakech

I was cruising around the Dwell website and came across a slideshow called Berber Ragtime featuring handmade rag rugs made from the 50s-70s in Marrakech.  Check out these beautiful colours.

They remind me of the quilte of Gee's Bend.

Jessie T. Pettway, Bars and string-pieced columns, 1950s;
cotton; 95 by 76 inches.

If I had lots of moola $$$ I could buy beautiful, handmade rugs --- colourful, soft and luxurious.
I did buy this rug from Ikea for the bebe's room.  It's nothing glamorous, but it was $59, colourful and interesting.  However, I just laid it out and it's too thick for the bedroom door to open over.  Arghh!

Mentally preparing: I'm in my 37th week?

Hi friends,

I had a nice day yesterday. My friend Anita and I went to see a play written by my friends Aurora and Nika at Summerworks called The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination. It was a hilarious play with an all-female cast playing various world dictators from recent world history competing in a game show to prove their the most bad ass.  It was hilarious, and even included several dance numbers.  

The remainder of my Sunday was great until Joe and I went for a walk to find some ice cream.  We went to the Lansdowne Cone, but found a huge lineup and no washroom (seriously?) for me to tinkle. At this point in my pregnancy, each step I take my uterus bounces on my bladder.  So, we walked to a big chain ice cream shop that I won't mention where they take the ice-cream and scoop it onto a cold slab of stone and mush it up with candy and such.  Joe and I ate our ice cream and promptly felt ill. By the time we got home Joe was moaning and I had to barf.  Bye bye ice cream.  

IN WEEK 37 out of 40
Since I've been pregnant, the whole weeks/months thing has been confusing for me.  We month is a few days longer than 4 weeks, and different months have a different numbers of days.  I could say that I'm 9 months pregnant when I'm 36 weeks, but that doesn't make sense to most people because most people think that 9 months is the duration or pregnancy.  It also doesn't make sense because I'm calculating 9 x 4 = 36. That would be 9 months passed and I'm in the 10th month, but then I"m not accounting for those extra days in the month.  Oh, I'm confused!  Oh well, too late now. I've only got a few weeks left.

So, I was 36 weeks on Saturday.  So, do I say I'm 36 weeks, or in my 37th week?  By the end of this week (next Saturday) I'll officially be full term.  WOOOOOOAH!  And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the bebe is very, very low and there are a few other factors that indicate to my midwife that I may go close to week 37 or 38 than 40 weeks (which is when the due date is assigned).  

I better get a move on.  I need to do the following.
  1. Do the art exercises from Birthing from Within
  2. Finish my wolf-themed labour focuser.
  3. Buy nursing bras
  4. Make some soups and muffins to throw in the freezer
  5. Finish knitting the bebe blanket
  6. Cover rocker cushions
  7. Sew a baby outfit.

blanket - I've got to finish 20 rows of pink, then red and orange.  I started this in January. BAD MOMMY!

I'm off to The Workroom to check out some fabric.  

Happy Monday!

Lazer Lindy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breastfeeding in public like urinating in public? WTF?

I can't believe that I just heard the host of the the Today Show,  Savannah Guthrie, compare breastfeeding in pubic to urinating in public. Skip to 5:50 into the clip and you'll hear,  "You have to go to the bathroom but you don’t do that in public". Then Star Jones goes on to talk about breastfeeding 4 or 5 year olds.  Seriously?  The host goes on to say, "if you’re going to breastfeed in public, be discrete. moms are usually modest. they have a towel or blanket."  

I found out about this by reading this article on

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visual Treasurez from an Interweb Adventure


I'm refreshed after an awesome sleep last night and I'm spending a lazy Saturday afternoon puttering around the house, taking it easy.  I've parked myself in front of a fan and have been having an adventure on the interweb.  Here are some visual treasurez I've come across this aft.

This kids room tour on Apartment Therapy's Oh Dee Doh.  I love the busy, bright colours and patterns against the white walls.  

ShapeMaker blocks from Best Made in NYC.

Gold Dipped Amethyst Crystal Necklace No. 2 - Free Shipping in the US

Available from Etsy.

These beautiful photos of prickly pears from Geninne's Art Blog.

A beautiful post about backyard camping on the blog Domestic Simplicity. Visit this blog for the photography alone.  Beautiful!  

Large-scale paint-by-numbers!  From the blog Poppy Talk. This post got me thinking about creating a paint-by-numbers mural in the bebe's room.  

Wow... i love the colours in these ones.... 

Ok, bye for now!


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