Monday, August 15, 2011

Mentally preparing: I'm in my 37th week?

Hi friends,

I had a nice day yesterday. My friend Anita and I went to see a play written by my friends Aurora and Nika at Summerworks called The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination. It was a hilarious play with an all-female cast playing various world dictators from recent world history competing in a game show to prove their the most bad ass.  It was hilarious, and even included several dance numbers.  

The remainder of my Sunday was great until Joe and I went for a walk to find some ice cream.  We went to the Lansdowne Cone, but found a huge lineup and no washroom (seriously?) for me to tinkle. At this point in my pregnancy, each step I take my uterus bounces on my bladder.  So, we walked to a big chain ice cream shop that I won't mention where they take the ice-cream and scoop it onto a cold slab of stone and mush it up with candy and such.  Joe and I ate our ice cream and promptly felt ill. By the time we got home Joe was moaning and I had to barf.  Bye bye ice cream.  

IN WEEK 37 out of 40
Since I've been pregnant, the whole weeks/months thing has been confusing for me.  We month is a few days longer than 4 weeks, and different months have a different numbers of days.  I could say that I'm 9 months pregnant when I'm 36 weeks, but that doesn't make sense to most people because most people think that 9 months is the duration or pregnancy.  It also doesn't make sense because I'm calculating 9 x 4 = 36. That would be 9 months passed and I'm in the 10th month, but then I"m not accounting for those extra days in the month.  Oh, I'm confused!  Oh well, too late now. I've only got a few weeks left.

So, I was 36 weeks on Saturday.  So, do I say I'm 36 weeks, or in my 37th week?  By the end of this week (next Saturday) I'll officially be full term.  WOOOOOOAH!  And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the bebe is very, very low and there are a few other factors that indicate to my midwife that I may go close to week 37 or 38 than 40 weeks (which is when the due date is assigned).  

I better get a move on.  I need to do the following.
  1. Do the art exercises from Birthing from Within
  2. Finish my wolf-themed labour focuser.
  3. Buy nursing bras
  4. Make some soups and muffins to throw in the freezer
  5. Finish knitting the bebe blanket
  6. Cover rocker cushions
  7. Sew a baby outfit.

blanket - I've got to finish 20 rows of pink, then red and orange.  I started this in January. BAD MOMMY!

I'm off to The Workroom to check out some fabric.  

Happy Monday!

Lazer Lindy

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