Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NEON and the Toothbrush Family

Hello friends! 

I had a great sleep last night and am no longer experiencing signs that baby is on way. In fact, she seems very comfortable in there today.  I still feel hazy/crazy/mellow. Yesterday afternoon I spent over an hour obsessively putting together this horse puzzle while watching a particularly bad episode of Dr. Phil. BTW, this puzzle had little to no instructions.  I so smart.

Following this, I started to put together an Ikea closet thing that we bought for the baby's room.  Paying no attention to time, by the time Joe got home from work at 7:00 I had a spazz/sad-o attack because we had nothing to make for dinner.  Following our dinner of beans, eggs and cucumber, we spent another couple hours trying to put together the friggin' baby closet.... and it's still not done!


I found this neon jewelry pictured below while cruising the Interweb, but unfortunately I closed the tab of the blog that I originally spied it on... oops.  I love the big chunky tassles. The Jewelry is by Blandine Bardeau, a designer from London. After checking out the Blandine Bardeau website I proceeded to look up all things neon/florescent in Google Image Search.

neon piano

Oh.... Lisa Frank! I forgot about you!

I was hangin' with my friend Denise and her bebe this afternoon on Roncessvales and we saw Barbapapa toys.... 

...which made me think of the Toothbrush Family.  Does anyone else remember the Toothbrush Family? 

bye for now!

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