Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Surrendering my body + wedding anniversary

Surrendering my body

I'm 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and entering a new and scary territory:  I realize that I have to completely surrender my body to my baby. I am no longer in control... 

I had idyllic ideas of my last few weeks of pregnancy... riding my bike around the neighbourhood, catching up on reading, sleeping a lot, going on little day trips around the city... wearing cute summer outfits that show off my baby bump.  

For the last two days I've been feeling hazy-headed and unable to concentrate. So much for the intensive reading I was planning.  

I've been experiencing heartburn all day and night. If I lay down without a gazillion pillows I nearly throw up.  
So much for getting all that great sleep. I get up at least 5 or 6 times a night for a pee and a Tums.  

Riding my bike is proving to be too strenuous an activity in the summer heat.  This really stinks because I love to ride my bike around everywhere, and I generally dislike walking.  Now I'm starting that preggo waddle, arghhh...

As for the cute summer outfits, I am feeling like a whale.  This has more to do with feeling like my body is over-expanding and puffy than feeling fat.  I know I don't look too bad, and I know it's important to gain weight during pregnancy, and that I'm on target for weight gain. But, I'm starting to feel so rolly polly and bloated.  Also, my abs don't work all that well anymore, so I literally have to roll out of bed.  I feel like a Weeble.  Joe can attest to the fact that our bed is constantly covered in clothes from my fits of trying to find an outfit I feel comfortable in.  I have been heard on occasion to ask Joe, "does this outfit look too slutty?"... what is wrong with me???  

I think I'm just having a bad few days. I'm trying to transform my thinking by getting into the mind frame that I am surrendering my body for my baby, who I know is happy as a lark because she's moving around growing and growing like crazy. 

Happy Anniversary!

Joe and I were married two years ago yesterday.  We celebrated by going to Sauble Beach on Sunday. We were going to go to the restaurant Barque on Roncessvalles last night for a super meaty meal, but I was feeling so yucky we decided to stay in and order a super meaty (and organic!) pizza from Magic Oven.

Here's Joe and I at our wedding...

Joe and I in NYC last year for our first anniversary.

At beautiful Sauble Beach on Sunday.

Bye for now!


  1. Beautiful wedding pics :D And yessss the end of pregnancy is such a bummer. BUT the good news is that it ends! ;) Congrats!

  2. Hey thanks! Was the end of your pregnancy all bummer, or do you think I'm having a bad few days?

  3. Linds, I hope you are feeling better! That is sucky. but you look SOOO cute:) You are one hot mama. It's so soon! I am so excited - I am also loving all your updates!

    I was thinking of you guys yesterday on your anniversary, I left a message on Joe's phone! Hope you are feeling a bit better and hope to see you soon!



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