Thursday, August 11, 2011

renovation continues and she may be coming sooner than we thought

Hi friends,

I haven't written for a few days, but I'm back.  Last weekend and earlier this week I was feeling pretty rough (sore, swollen feet made if difficult to walk, SO tired, heart racing, difficulty sleeping), but I am bouncing back!  Could I be entering the nesting phase of late pregnancy?

My midwife ordered an ultrasound so that she could be positive that the baby's head was down.  By feeling my belly she was fairly positive she was down (and so was I), but she wanted to be sure.  I had an ultrasound done on Tuesday afternoon. Everything was perfect, however the baby's head is VERY far down and my cervix is on the short side.  The baby weighs about 5 1/2 pounds right now.  That said, my midwife is predicting that I'll have the baby closer to 37 weeks than 40 (usually anytime between 37-42 is healthy).

I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday! It's possible that I may go into labour in little over a week!

I've really got to get working on my labour artwork/focus object. I'm making a wolf-inspired collage/drawing to hang on the wall while I'm in labour to inspire me.

Joe and I dove into the huge pile of baby stuff in our living room to sort through everything and move some of it up to the baby's room.
Here's our very awesome stroller.

As for the renovations of the second floor of our house, they are moving right along.  Our hardwood was installed on Monday and it looks great.  We put in the bedroom doors Tuesday and the new bedroom windows will be put in on the weekend.

Oh yeah, and we bought a couch for our "den", the room at the back of our house behind the kitchen.  We haven't had one since we moved into this house more than a year ago. It's from West Elm.
The view through our kitchen to the "den".  Our house is long and skinny. We finished the kitchen back in December.  I'll be posting photos soon of the before and after of our first floor reno.  Our house was a chopped up, insane rooming house when we bought it.

Baby's room.  The window is being replaced this weekend with a casement window.  

The upstairs hallway.  The openings at the top of the walls are going to be fitted with transom windows so light can travel between the rooms.

We are no longer sleeping in our living room!  Joe and his brother moved our furniture upstairs this week, to our new and amazing light-filled bedroom.  I love it!  There is a huge tree right out the window.
Our bedroom sans trim, transom windows and new awning window.

Bye for now!


  1. glad you are feeling better linds! i've been thinking about you!

    love the stroller, and the place is looking AMAZING! wow. it's come so far. maybe we will see you guys sunday!


  2. thanks jules! it would be nice to see you sunday, but if not, maybe i can come and meet you for lunch this week?


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