Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visual Treasurez from an Interweb Adventure


I'm refreshed after an awesome sleep last night and I'm spending a lazy Saturday afternoon puttering around the house, taking it easy.  I've parked myself in front of a fan and have been having an adventure on the interweb.  Here are some visual treasurez I've come across this aft.

This kids room tour on Apartment Therapy's Oh Dee Doh.  I love the busy, bright colours and patterns against the white walls.  

ShapeMaker blocks from Best Made in NYC.

Gold Dipped Amethyst Crystal Necklace No. 2 - Free Shipping in the US

Available from Etsy.

These beautiful photos of prickly pears from Geninne's Art Blog.

A beautiful post about backyard camping on the blog Domestic Simplicity. Visit this blog for the photography alone.  Beautiful!  

Large-scale paint-by-numbers!  From the blog Poppy Talk. This post got me thinking about creating a paint-by-numbers mural in the bebe's room.  

Wow... i love the colours in these ones.... 

Ok, bye for now!


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