Monday, August 15, 2011

Colour inspiration from 60s Marrakech

I was cruising around the Dwell website and came across a slideshow called Berber Ragtime featuring handmade rag rugs made from the 50s-70s in Marrakech.  Check out these beautiful colours.

They remind me of the quilte of Gee's Bend.

Jessie T. Pettway, Bars and string-pieced columns, 1950s;
cotton; 95 by 76 inches.

If I had lots of moola $$$ I could buy beautiful, handmade rugs --- colourful, soft and luxurious.
I did buy this rug from Ikea for the bebe's room.  It's nothing glamorous, but it was $59, colourful and interesting.  However, I just laid it out and it's too thick for the bedroom door to open over.  Arghh!

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