Friday, August 5, 2011

The confusing cloth diaper

I've been casually researching cloth diapering for the last few months, and I say casually because I'm finding it to be an exhausting process, so I've been taking lots of breaks.  There are so many choices of "diapering systems", like so many things relating to a new baby. I really have only the slightest idea of what my life will be like with a new baby. I understand how the diapers work, but I have no idea what type of will work best for us and what will be best for our baby, who I have been toting around with me for almost 9 months but I have yet to actually meet.

Some reasons why I want to use cloth diapers with our bebe:
  • Cloth diapers come in cool colours.  
  • I've got allergies and some eczema and  Joe has very sensitive skin, so we're expecting the bebe to also have sensitive skin.  I would rather have natural materials next to my bebe's skin.
  • The absorbant gel in disposable diapers makes me nervous.  Check out this CBC News article from May, 2010,"Disposable diapers: Are they dangerous? There's a lack of data about the chemicals found in diapers", that discusses claims that a line of Pampers diapers has causes chemical burns on babies' delicate butts.
  • Although Joe and I are not broke, I'm pretty cheap.  Buying a set of cloth diapers is a lot cheaper than using disposables, especially considering we may be able to use them with bebe #2
  • Joe and I bought an awesome high efficiency washer and dryer combo last year, so I know washing the diapers will be fairly easy and will use less water.  The washer and dryer play a little song when they're done.  How cool is that?  We're also moving out washer and dryer right to the second floor of our house, which will be really convenient.
  • And duh... I would rather not add more garbage to the landfills. I like the earth.
THAT SAID--- I get that there is a possibility that, like many people who choose cloth diapers, we may abandon ship and end up using disposables. I don't judge those who have abandon cloth, HOWEVER, I would prefer not to be judged as a total newbie/naive new mom for deciding to give it a whirl.  

Two great stores that have been helpful to me:

Baby on the Hip at College and Ossington:
I attended a cloth diapering workshop that gave a pretty good overview of the main types of cloth diapers. Their in-store selection is not so good though.

Diaper-Eez at Runnymede and Bloor:
Amazing customer service!  The woman helping me gave me a 30 minute demonstration of all brands they stock (it seemed like at least 15+ brands and styles) and answered a lot of questions I had. She even offered to stop midway through her demo, asking if I needed to pee.  

After the Baby on the Hip workshop, I was thinking about buying Bummis prefold diapers, which are basically a big cloth you fold in three, put on the baby and then put a waterproof cover over.  They are by far the cheapest type of cloth diaper "system" to use.  However, there are multiple sizes, whereas other diapering "systems" are one size, so one set will last through all the diapering years.

While at Diaper-Eez a few days ago, I starting thinking about  forking out the extra dough and buying all in one cloth diapers, where you don't have to do much but scrape off the poop and through the diaper in the wash. I'm over pre-folds, especially once I starting thinking about how our bebe would eventually be in daycare.  I decided the easier the better. 

Now I'm deciding between these two one-size diapers. They're pretty similar in function and price, so now I've got to look around online for some reviews and see if that will help me decide.  Aesthetically, both brands have bold, bright colours, which I am a sucker for.

I think I may buy a few of each and test them out. 
If anyone reading this has experience with cloth diapers, I'd love to hear about it!  

Bye for now!

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