Monday, August 22, 2011

She's coming anytime now... I think. home birth!

Hi friends,

I've been off in la-la land
I've been off in la-la land for the past week or so, alternating between feeling insanely out of it and energetic bursts of nesting.  Last week I spent a few days napping and reading in bed with a terrible headache that I was worried was related to preeclampsia/high blood pressure, but my midwife came over and checked me out and determined it was likely a virus.  Phew!  I also spent a few days cleaning like mad, which is challenging in a house that's been under renovations for the past year and a bit.  

I'll be off in labour land soon... I think
Last week I had an ultrasound to double check the position of the baby and learned that the baby was very low in my pelvis and a few other things indicated to my midwife that the baby is ready to come out, and that I will likely deliver around weeks 37-38 (this week or next) than my due date of Sept. 11.  This past weekend I've been experiencing some of the signs that labour is approaching... Joe is betting on the baby coming on Wednesday. I was convinced all through last night that the baby would be born soon, but now that I'm up and moving around today I'm not too sure anymore.  

We've decided to try for a home birth
I'll write a more in depth post about our decision another time. Right now my mind is on a big fluffy cloud. 

The bebe's room

My nana lent us this glider/rocker, which was my late papa's favourite place to sit.  I'm just about finished recovering the cushions.

Joe and I successfully hung and assembled this pendant light from Ikea.  When lit it throws beautiful shadows on the wall.

I can't remember where I got this little dress, but isn't it sweet?

My parents have us this dresser.  It was in my room when I was a child.
My parents also brought over this bassinet, which I slept in as a baby. My brother, my two nephews and a few cousins also slept in this bassinet.  I still have to secure the lining to the inside.

The baby's room is a bit of a mess.  

Bye for now... 

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