Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby leggings

Ivy and I were surfing the interweb today and found these baby leggings. I bought two pairs, a grey and black striped pair (not shown here) and the white with red hearts pair in the bottom right, for about $8 on ebay.

Monday, November 21, 2011

the babe is 2 months and totally awesome

hello friends,

Ivy has been in the outside world for a little more than two months!  The fact that there is a little human that looks like me (and my hubby) in the world, that I am rarely more than a few feet from day and night, still blows my mind.

I'm on my way back to feeling like myself again... went to the Y and out to dinner with friends, sans Ivy. Being away from her helped me to reconnect with my old self, but coming home to her was soooo unbelievably nice.  Ivy and I cuddled up on the couch together and watched late-night TV while Joe got his turn to go out and have drinks with friends.

Now that the shock of having Ivy is starting to wear off I'm feeling more like myself and I've never felt happier or more relaxed. It helps that Ivy is such a relaxed baby most of the time... and being with her, being responsible for a new little human, forces me to slow down and focus on the simple things.

I came across a post from the blog Oh Joy that mentioned this print from the French online store OMY. During the daylight the owl is sleeping, and at night he's awake!  Tres cute.

Some other stuff from OMY:

I want this shirt!!!
what a weirdo mask!

I almost like this baby's chunky wrists as much as this rad splatter design.

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