Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dizzy dizzy with the third trimester bluezzzzz

Hello friends,

I woke up this morning bright and early after a great night's sleep, wrote the last blog entry and left the house to get an iced coffee at the Common.  While drinking my coffee I started to feel woozy and I left to walk the block or two home.  It is SO HOT out today.  I knew as a pregnant lady I would feel hotter than the non-preggers, but today I read that in the third trimester one can feel up to 20% warmer!  I decided to walk through the Dufferin Mall, just down the street, to take advantage of the mall air, and while walking through there I still felt terrible - a little nauseous, light headed and my heart was racing.  

I went home and called my midwifery clinic to run my symptoms by a midwife (my primary midwife is on vacation).  I was told that my symptoms may be a combination of the heat and low iron, and that my iron levels were on the low side when I last had blood drawn 5 weeks ago, and that they often go down in the last weeks of pregnancy.  She told me to rest, keep hydrated and eating.  I have an apt. on Thursday morning with my midwife and she'll test my iron then to see if I need supplements.

SO... on this beautiful summer's day, on my second wedding anniversary, I'm laying down all day in front of  a portable air conditioner feeling out of it, drinking a lot of water and going pee every 20 minutes.  I watched a terrible movie that I ordered from Roger's on demand called Modern Romance, and at one point when there was music on in the background of a scene and a phone rang (in the movie) I tried to use my TV's remote to turn down the volume of the music in the movie.  

Looking at these charts, I think I'll make myself some quinoa because I sure as hell am not going to be eating canned clams or turkey or chicken giblets.


  1. no canned clams, really? I thought that would be so appetizing for a pregnant lady...I had to take iron supplements during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. didn't make me feel great, if you have any issues, taking them with food helps!

  2. If you are anemic, expect that you might experience frequent dizziness during pregnancy. In this case, you have to get checked with your doctor for iron dietary supplements and iron-boosted diet plan. It is important for you to maintain a healthy body as a preparation for labor as well as keeping your baby healthy and normal.


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