Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making plans to sell baby and kiddie vintage!

Hello again! 
It's been ages since I posted. I've been too busy hanging out with my favourite little lady (or too tired) to be surfing the interweb.  Ivy will be 6 months in a few days! It sounds cliche, but I can't believe how the time is flying. Just this past week she sat up for the first time and her first wee tooth is poking through. Go Ivy! 

*swoon*  I am so in love!!!!

THANK GOD, Ivy is an extremely easygoing and happy baby. She sleeps well and enjoys being out in the world. She's beginning to be able to play by herself (woohoo!), and I'm feeling like the baby-induced fog is lifting from my brain and space is opening up in there for non-baby-related items. I've mentioned several times (herehere and here) that I want to start selling baby and toddler vintage... well, I've decided to give it a go!

I will keep you updated on my progress. I've started to redesign this blog (did you notice the new banner and layout?) and start to focus it more on baby and toddler vintage. My goal this week is to experiment with some ideas of how to creatively photograph the clothing. Right now I'm envisioning hanging the clothing from big trees in the park and photographing them in the sunlight... which is impossible right now because the trees in Toronto aren't even budding yet.... 

I've built up a pretty solid curated selection of baby and toddler vintage since Ivy was born and I'm planning to add more pieces this spring. I'm not focusing on a specific decade or style, but I'm building a collection that is based on my own baby-style ideas, which have been influenced by my own personal style and from playing dress-up with my own wee babe, mixing and matching contemporary pieces, hand-me-downs and vintage.
vintage dress
my favourite quilted jacket
homemade hat knitted by Ivy's great-grandmother
80s corduroy overalls
My interweb hiatus is officially over. i WILL see you soon (virtually, that is).



  1. SOOOO excited for this! let me know once things get going so i can post about it on my blog too. lovin' the new look!!! it looks amazing!!!:)

    welcome back!

    I LOVE IVY! can't wait for the ross family sleepover!

  2. Hi! Your baby is soooo cute. Her eyes look like yours and her clothes are really fabulous.


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