Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've changed my baby... and mama activism

Hi friends,
I stopped by Mercer Union gallery to see Jill Miller's Milk Truck yesterday. You can read more on the Milk Truck website. In short, it's a breast feeding advocacy project where you can call the truck if you need a safe/comfortable/supportive space to breastfeed if you are somewhere where you need to feed your baby where breastfeeding isn't welcomed as it should be.  The truck will show up and the restaurant or store that is making you feel unwelcome or harassing you for breastfeeding will be shamed by the presence of the Milk Truck with its huge, blinking boobie!  Too bad there's only one truck and it's in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there when the truck was actually open for use inside. I really wanted to breastfeed Ivy in the truck.  :(
The Milk Truck parked on Bloor Street
While reading about the Milk Truck yesterday I came across another humourous project drawing attention to difficulties of being out in the world with a baby. The project is a series of photos called "I've Changed My Baby..." that document the wide variety of places this mother has had to change her baby, from inconvenient places, like her lap in a tiny washroom staff, to various washroom floors. Argh!  She (I can't seem to find her name anywhere on her blog) is an advocate for clean, convenient places to change diapers in public washrooms.  Here are some photos from this project. Please visit her blog to read her hilarious captions that accompany her photos.

the floor of a bakery washroom
This one really irks me! The washroom of a medical centre doesn't have a change table!   I've also experienced this.

In a subway station

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