Saturday, March 17, 2012

Neighbourhood exploration: Roncesvalles

It was a cloudy day in Toronto today. It was hard to feel motivated to leave our cozy house, but once we did I was so glad to be outside to hear the birds and see the plants starting to grow. Joe, Ivy and I walked to Roncesvalles, a neighbourhood close to ours, but with more lush, big trees, bigger houses and a sort of quaint "main street" that was once very Polish but is now pretty gentrified, with stroller traffic jams. 

Here are some photos I took on our walk.
A very weird sculpture atop the door of a house just off of Lansdowne Ave

I bought this from an old Polish lady who was  selling knick knacks on the street. I paid 50cents.
Crocheted chickens in a bakery window

Hen and Chicks in a planter with white rocks

A very weird plant in the window of a Polish travel agency.  I love checking out the plants in store windows. There are a bunch of hair salons near our place with plants that would be decades old.  

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