Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm an adult now.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was going to give the baby-led weaning approach a try, rather than feeding Ivy moosh with a spoon, as I had been doing for the past few weeks. Ivy had some bread, apple and banana. Needless to say, it was messy.
And for dinner she played around with a big cracker and more apple.  She's getting the hang of picking up the little pieces and really likes squishing and rubbing the food around. Crossing my fingers this means she'll love playing around with drawing and painting when she's a little older. 

Don't worry. That's not poop, it's prunes.  :)

As Ivy was eating and I was making dinner for Joe and I was rocking out to Dizzee Rascal, which brought me back to the times when I would blast him, or MIA or Deerhoof or other crazy jams while getting ready to go out, putting on makeup, trying on a multitude of outfits... clothes flying everywhere, drinking a tall can. 

(man awkwardly pole dancing to "I'm an Adult Now" by the Pursuit of Happiness)

And looking at my old amp sitting in my living room, surrounded by baby paraphernalia. The amp was at the practice space where my old band, Librarian's Touch, practiced. I left it there for more than a year. I think I was in denial that I no longer had the time to play music.  

i love you Traynor!
Amy and I back in our "Librarian's Touch" days

I haven't really mentioned this on here, and I don't often talk about it unless someone asks me, but I used to play in a few really loud, noisey and psychedelic bands that did some touring and released records, The Sick Lipstick, Fox the Boombox and Black Cat #13. I had so much crazy fun back then, and although I don't miss those times, when I look around at my new baby-themed house I can't believe my eyes! 

I hope that Ivy will be interested in learning to play music. I just spied this awesome ukulele that I know she'd love...
Ukulele from Celetano Woodworks

I can even bribe her to learn with this cupcake ukulele from Celetano Woodworks

Coudn't help but include a pic of this avocado uke!

My apologies for the randomness of this post!

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