Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vintage baby clothes from St. Jacob's

With these crazy hot Toronto days, I've been feeling exhausted and overheated.  I did have my heart set on a trip to a beach this weekend, and was thinking about booking Joe and I a night at one of those cute cabins at Wasaga Beach. But, I wised up and realized that while a day at the beach sounds glorious, my pregnant body can't handle sitting in the hot sun all day long.

So, we got up early and headed out to St. Jacob's market, about an hour or so from Toronto. 
It's a huge outdoor and indoor fruit + veg and flea market. There are a lot of Mennonites in the area and they sell produce, honey, maple syrup and other homemade things.  There is an awesome antique market just across the road called Market Road Antiques where last year Joe and I found this amazing pull down school map for $25 that we've used as an inspiration for the colours for our whole house:

I bought these vintage toys yesterday for the baby's room. I've been really drawn to bright yellow lately. We're planning on painting the interior doors of our second floor a more subdued version of the yellow here. 

I was surprised to find some vintage baby clothing. Here's what I bought. Each outfit was around 6$!

I had to stop myself from going crazy buying too much, so I took photos to remember the outfits I didn't buy.

Bye for now!

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