Saturday, March 24, 2012

Planning a new LazerBaby photo shoot + The Milk truck is in T.O!

Boy, is taking photos of my vintage collection to put up on Etsy turning out to be a big job.  The photos I took a few days ago were just taken with a few muslin Aden and Anais blankets covering my bed. I'm happy with the shots of Ivy, but not so happy with the photos of the clothing laying flat, alone in the frame, especially when the piece of clothing is light in colour.

This morning I visited a park nearby that has very 70s playground equipment to take a few test photos. It was soooo windy, grey and chilly out, and of course, Ivy woke up from a stroller-nap as soon as I started shooting, so I only took a few photos and was rushing.  Not sure which ones I like better. I think the ones I took today would have turned out better if there was more sunlight.

I picked up this blue wool vest, along with some other awesome pieces, yesterday afternoon. I can't wait to show you what I've found!

I'm hoping to get to Mercer Union this afternoon to see the Milk Truck, part of the New Maternalisms show at FADO Performance Art Centre.  Go here for more info. The truck is in Toronto tomorrow as well. 

And then we're off to a family slumber party at my mother-law's place, with my bro and sis-in-law and their partners. Ping-pong and cesears!! WOOHOO!!!

Happy Saturday!

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