Monday, March 26, 2012

Adorable! Vintage animal-themed and NKOTB sweaters.

I officially can no longer write posts while breastfeeding since Ivy bit me a few days ago... drawing blood. Yes, her newly sprouted bottom teeth are mighty sharp. I was talking to my mom on the phone and I think Ivy may have been upset/bored/irritated because I wasn't focussing on her, as I should be when nursing.  She bit me again the next day. I'm hoping that cutting out the multitasking will prevent the biting from becoming a regular habit.

Has anyone else dealt with your bebe biting while nursing?  

Anyways.... Here are some uber-cute animal-themed vintage sweaters I thought would be fun to share...

This is one I bought form my neighbourhood friend, Morgan, at a garage sale last summer. Morgan's mom had given her a whole bunch of clothes Morgan wore as a kid, and I bought a bunch of pieces from her, and after the garage sale Morgan dropped off everything she didn't sell to me.  What an awesome lady! Now I run into her in the neughbourhood with Ivy wearing her childhood clothes.  

Hunting dog sweater from Rose Goldaline Vintage
A horsey sweater from Cut and So vintage

From Tangerine Boutique

Snoopy sweater from Puppy Love Vintage
From Corner Mouse House

I couldn't help but include these awesome homemade NKTOB sweaters, as seen on the Craft Magazine blog.

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