Monday, April 30, 2012


So, I'm sure you're wondering about the title of this post.  I had a post about my trip to the Aberfoyle Antique market yesterday (and my first full day away from Ivy...) but I saw this print of a little ice cream cone pooping in the I Love Doodle shop on Etsy.

(... i should probably add that I just downed a big glass of wine on an empty stomach while watching a very emotional episode of Coronation Street...)
Everybody Poops print from I Love Doodle shop.

As anyone that spends a lot of time with babies knows, poop is a constant topic of conversation. Well... perhaps for some people with babies it isn't, but in my house it is... (as with a lot of scatological humor)...This may be too much information (tmi) for some, or relatable for others, but Joe and I often let each other know the details of Ivy's poop.  You can tell a lot about the wellbeing of a baby (or anyone, for that matter) by the look of their poop!

When Ivy was first born, I had some breastfeeding issues/milk supply issues, so our midwives were paying close attention to Ivy's pee and poop output.  We were filling out a little chart, detailing her little black tar poops. Then, for a few days, no poop!  Our midwives were worried, and of course, so were we. We checked each dirty diaper with anticipation, crossing out finger we'd find some poop. A few days passed and we were so worried.  And then she finally pooped! While Joe and I were sitting on the couch together, staring and cooing at wee little Ivy, she pooped all over us!  

I am elated that Ivy finally pooped!
Joe is also very excited.  Yeah for Ivy!
Why am I telling you this...?  Oh yeah, so after seeing that cute little ice cream cone pooping, and downing a big glass of wine on an empty stomach, and thinking about Ivy's poops, I decided to searched "poop" on Etsy and found this: 

Unicorn poop
A balloon dog pooping

A crochet pattern for a big poop

Rainbow poop charms

I am a little confused by this one. Someone is selling a Coprolite pendant
and apparently coprelite is agatized dinosaur poop?

Gotta run. Dill pickle chips are calling my name...

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