Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BABY LEGGINGS! (and shop update)

Baby leggings are where it's at.  I like these ones--->

Hand printed leggings from Thief and Bandit

Hand printed gold ink on rust colour leggings, from Thief and Bandit
Snake Pyramid leggings from Thief and Bandit
Peace sign leggings from Topshop Mini
"Aztec" leggings from Topshp mini

Why not make your own baby leggings!  You can use t-shirts you already have, or you can go to a thrift store and find a shirt with a fun, interesting print.  Actually, any stretchy fabric will do. I'm definitely going to make a few pairs of plain old black leggings for Ivy, because while black leggings for women are a dime a dozen, they're hard to find for babies.


  1. I'm now hitting up Topshop Mini. Those leggings are INSANE!!

    ps. An awesome, lovely, amazing parcel arrived today. I love it all. xx

  2. i know! i want that aztec print for myself... seriously hot. I'm so happy you love everything and that it arrived! WOOHOO!!!


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