Wednesday, April 11, 2012

amazing and kind of dirty

I took Ivy on the subway for the first time yesterday. It's taken me almost 7 months because it is next to impossible to take a stroller on the subway without help. There are so few elevators, and of course the one closest to our house doesn't have one.  I plopped her in the carrier and off we went to the Gardiner Museum of Ceramics.  

I love contemporary ceramics and the Greg Payce show didn't disappoint. I took a guided tour of the show, it was the super cute 60ish year old woman guide, a 60ish unkempt man and Ivy and I. I breastfed through most of the tour while the guide used many euphemisms for the words "penis" and "erection" to describe Payce's work below. It was pretty funny!

bye for now...

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