Thursday, April 26, 2012

wondering what my kid will look like....

When I was pregnant I think a part of me was so nervous about everything being okay with Ivy that I didn't really picture what she would look like.  I remember showing my mom my 20 week ultrasound and her first reaction was that she had my nose. Looking at Ivy's side profile in that ultrasound pic now I totally see how she looks so much like me.

Now I spend so much time staring at Ivy, wondering what she's going to look like. Like most babies, she was born looking like her dad (nature's way of preventing dad's from rejecting their young?), and now I feel like she's really morphing into a little mini-me.  

When I first saw this little American Apparel model, I immediately thought this little lady was Ivy's doppelganger.  What do you think? 
American Apparel kiddo

 I am constantly looking at toddlers and trying to picture Ivy running around, talking, playing with other kids.  Snot running down her face, drooling, stomping on adult's feet...  toddlers are so punk rock... doing it their way. I love it. 

Here are some other toddler models that I find hilarious.
Vintage shorts by Oh Sydney
Floral dress form Salvage House
Cute ketchup and mustard top from Salvage House
Dress from Little Vintage Me

No Kidding summer collection

Another outfit from the No Kidding summer collection


  1. hey lindsey -

    this is tom from england. i can't find an email address for you, so write to me: - it'd be super nice to hear from you and catch up (although i can see you have been busy)... x

  2. Having a child is extremely exciting.


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