Monday, April 23, 2012


I have never felt so consistently tired in MY LIFE than I have in the past week.

Ivy has decided to completely abandon her well established and amazing sleep routine of sleeping 5-7 hours straight each night (for a few months it was even 8 straight hours). For the past two weeks or so she has been waking up EVERY HOUR!!!

I haven't made a post for days because my brain has been sleeping while my body has been walking around like a zombie.  My limbs hurt, and so do the back of my eyes.  

But she always wakes up with a huge smile, and then beams all day long.  Oh Ivy....

I put up some new listings today...

Boys collarless denim shirt
Red and white gingham dress
Handmade royal blue cardigan sweater with plaid buttons
6-12 months
80s swimsuit
12-24 months


  1. That swimsuit and denim shirt! TOO CUTE

  2. I know... I remember pining for a neon bathing suit when I was 9 years old...


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