Friday, July 22, 2011

Awesome People Reading

Toronto's sloppy mayor Rob Ford has been toying with the idea of closing some of Toronto's libraries and cutting library hours.  The Toronto Public Library system is the busiest in the world, and I use it...  a lot.  

I became hooked on the Toronto Reference Library's image collection, where librarians have meticulously collected clipped images from magazines, books, postcards etc. and categorized them into filing cabinets. I've used the collection for visual research for many projects I've worked on, starting when I was in film school at Ryerson.  Seriously, you can find a section of images on everything from Birch Trees to children playing hopscotch.  

I've also used TPL's incredible hold system, where you can put have a book transfered from another branch. I routinely have 5-10 books borrowed from the library at a time. ---> At the moment I've borrowed a book on wolves (I'm working on a drawing of a collection of wolves to hang on the wall to inspire me while i'm in labour), a book on the Canadian wilderness (visual research for a sand animation I'm starting to work on), a baby names book, and a few novels.

I'm looking forward taking my little lady to my branch, Bloor-Gladstone, for some story-telling sessions. 
Bloor-Gladstone branch- AMAZING

Visit to learn more about the threat Toronto's libraries face over the next few weeks.  

In support of reading, I've picked a few of my fave photos from the tumblr blog Awesome People Reading.

Jean Shrimpton reads...

So does Debbie Harry.

Bye for now...

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