Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my official debut in the world of mommy bloggers

Hello world!  

I am writing to you from my little row house on a wee street in the west end of Toronto. The front door is open wide and a nice breeze is coming in through the windows.  I can hear chirping birds and leaves rustling in the breeze... and the revving of one of those very strange mini gas-powered motorcycles, being driven up and down the street by a topless, very tanned (and very ripped!), Portuguese man.  Hello mailman!  Please don't judge my dying flowers and very dead grass. :(  Our outdoor tap is busted. (actually it burst mid-winter after we forgot to turn off the water and the pipe burst... oops)

My personal introduction:

I'm 32 weeks pregnant, or 8 months, and due September 11.  I'm currently on summer vacation from my job as a high school teacher.  Ironically, up until the summer began I was teaching a program for pregnant and parenting high school students. My year-long maternity leave means no teaching for me until at least September 2012... woohoo.  

I am a creative lady who can't seem to stick to one medium. I have a fine arts degree in film production, but I enjoy working with my hands and for the past while I've been dabbling with ceramic sculpture, drawing and weaving.  I'm also currently working on a sand animation project. I've always got a few too many things on the go and many unfinished projects surrounding me. These days I'm just taking it easy, doing my best to slow down and enjoy my pregnancy and relish the beautiful city summer. 

If you live in my neighbourhood, you may see me riding my bike very, very slowly, or walking at a snail's pace.  Either way, I'll be the sweaty one in the sun jammers with the huge belly that I can't stop rubbing.

My plan for this blog:
I hope to use this blog to document my last weeks of pregnancy and my debut into motherhood!

bye for now...

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