Saturday, July 23, 2011

cakes for Amy L's big day

I'm a week late posting this, but I wanted to share these recipes (and brag about how I can actually follow a recipe and create something very cute and delicious). My very good friend Amy just turned 30 and had a BBQ party in her incredible backyard with a big grape pergola and pear trees. I brought this cake and the mini cupcakes (which I ended up laying out around the cake) and we sang happy birthday to Amy and she blew out a citronella candle.  

The cake recipe is from from thekitchn and is called D.I.Y. Yellow Cake  and the Pink Raspberry Buttercream Icing recipe is from the Making Life Delicious

Amy plays music as The Youngest. You can see an installation I created for a show she played a while ago at Nuit Blanche Devereaux 2009. SHE'S AWESOME!

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