Friday, July 22, 2011

33 weeks tomorrow

I'll be 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I'm starting to feel pretty huge. The baby is moving around like mad, her little arms and legs flailing.  She's head down and the bump of her boney baby butt is clearly visible at the top of my belly.  She moves it back and forth. It's a wonderful feeling!

The city still feels as hot as a sauna today.  I rode to meet my friend Anita for lunch at Fresh on Crawford and Queen.  Big mistake.  Even though it's likely less than not more than 2kms, I felt waaaay to hot and tired to bike home. I almost jumped in a cab, but instead I rode home at a snail's pace and then jumped in a cold shower before plunking myself in front of the portable air conditioner.  

While I was on Queen I went to Ella & Elliot to see if I could get this mobile by Artecnia for the bebe's room. None in stock :( I'll check back in August.

Bye for now!

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