Friday, July 29, 2011

Inside the Marimekko printing factory and Marimekko Kids

I just watched a slideshow titled "Helsinki Ink" on Dwell magazine's website that gives a peek into the Marimekko's printing process.  I'm so surprised to see what a small cozy factory it seems to be.  All the workers look so relaxed -- I want to work there!
Wow... look at all those screens!

This video is from Marikekko's YouTube channel and showcases the factory in action. VERY RELAXING and so well shot!  

Dwell also has a fabulous slideshow showcasing all of "Marimekko's Iconic Patterns".

Some amazingly cute Marimekko designs for kids...

Apparently H&M Europe (maybe just Paris) had a small line for kids sometime in 2008, and this cute 60's inspired kiddie dress is from that line.

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