Friday, September 16, 2011

Crossing my fingers this is LABOUR!!!

Hi friends!

Ok, so tonight/tomorrow may be the day... I think I be experiencing the beginnings of labour.  My mom came over to keep me company today. We went out for lunch, where I started feeling kinda woozy, crampy, pressure and heavy.  We went into a few stores after lunch and I felt some funniness happening. I was a little worried that my water would break, and my mom just said "wouldn't that be a great story to tell!". I kept telling her I wanted to get going and she kept distracting me. By the time she dropped me off a few minutes ago I was feeling a bit worse.  I'm pretty sure I'm having light contractions, but haven't timed them.

I'm crossing my fingers that labour is near!!! So excited!! can't wait to meet our little lady!

I saw these geometric puzzles on Oh Dee Doh.

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