Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas fun + Addicted to the iPad


Christmas is so much more fun with a baby. Life in general is so much with a wee kiddie! No joke, I can't believe how much I am loving hanging out 24/7 with a little version of me (with a little bit of joe in there too, of course). Ivy has forced me to abandon my hyper multitasking ways and focus on something other than myself. I feel more relaxed and patient than I have ever felt in my life. It feels FABULoUs!

We spent our first Xmas as a threesome running around visiting family in the burbs. We all received some great gifts. I'm planning on posting some photos of a few tomorrow. Ivy got three very special homemade gifts - a sock monkey made by her uncle Dave, a photo album/scrap book made by her auntie Jules (littlemisspartyand.blogspot.com) and a stunning knitted blanket made by her aunt Emily.

Joe gave us an iPad and a subscription to the new York times! Here are some photos of ivy I took today with the iPad...

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