Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Check out the succulent and cactus arrangement I made

My bro-in-law, Dave, asked for succulents for Xmas. If you've read my old pre-pregnancy blog, Visual Treasurez (, you'd know that I am a little obsessed with those weird and wonderful plants. My front garden is full of sedum and hens+chicks, which I've tried to grow indoors in the winter with not very much luck. The sedum die pretty quickly and the hens+chicks grow that phallic flower shoot and are done. For Dave's gift I checked out a local florist and found beautiful arrangements, but they were so expensive. I just bought a couple succulents and cactuses, some cactus potting soil and made my own arrangement in an oversized bowl. I also added a little ceramic pyramid sculpture that I made. I topped it off with white gravel I bought from the florist.

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