Thursday, October 20, 2011

multi-tasking mommy stylezzzz

i've taken multi-tasking to new heights...
i didn't mention that my last post was written while I was also pumping (as in pumping breast milk, not pumping iron), eating apple sauce and using my foot to rock Ivy in her vibrating rocking chair.

(by the way, if the mention of breast pumping gives you the willies (ie. makes you uncomfortable), you may want to consider not reading future posts. Because for at least 6-8 hours of my day I am a milk machine, I decided I had to "go there" with my posts)

As I write this I am wolfing down swiss chard-lentil-chickpea power stew that I made and froze in my last week of pregnancy, putting thank-you notes in envelopes and, of course, writing this blog.  Ivy is upstairs sleeping in this god-awful overload-of-cuteness swing that Joe and I bought last week for 200$ out of sleep-deprived induced desperation.

My amazing sister (in-law) Julie gave me this photo after Ivy was born.  This house is where my man Joe, Julie and their brother Dave grew up in east Toronto.  Their dad (who passed away a few years ago) wrote "it's a girl" on the outside of their house with thick tape after Julie was born.  Isn't that awesome?

This blog post is going to reflect my scattered brain right now... I'm trying to play catch up for the last month of not posting.

Here's Ivy and I the first time I carried her in this amazing ring-sling my sister-in-law gave us.  I've been making sure to leave the house at least once a day, most often I go to The Common, my local coffee shop. Yes, I am obsessed with their coffee.  We've been getting free copies of the Globe and Mail delivered daily to our house, so I've been in the routine of getting a coffee and sitting down to read the paper, with Ivy in the sling. which  feels like pure luxury. I never thought I would have relaxing moments like this with a newborn.   (Note my super-pale lips from my insane blood loss after Ivy's birth. I will tell you about that in a later post.)

Over the thanksgiving weekend Joe and I took Ivy on here first field trip to the High Park zoo.  As you can see from the photos below, she had a blast!

gotta run, the wee bebe is calling my name...

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  1. awwww:) i am so glad you liked that picture, i thought it was perfect!

    hahaha, your day trip looks so cute. ivy clearly had a blast, she's so funny! you guys are naturals!!!!

    can't wait to see lil' ivy again soon!


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