Wednesday, May 30, 2012

baby sleep and baby teeth

Ivy and I had a bit of a rough morning. She didn't want to follow her usual morning nap routine and got very cranky. I finally got her to nap by 1pm and we had to abandon our plans to go to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) to see the Picasso show. I had lovely visions of Ivy napping in the stroller while I sipped an Americano in the cafe on the 5th floor contemporary gallery, looking out over Grange Park and downtown. Phooey. A clingy, crying baby is SO EXHAUSTING! My brain and eyes are sore and my head is feeling the approaching thunder storm. I'm hoping the skies open up tonight and Joe and I will sit on the front porch with some wine and watch the rain.

(The pillowcase in the photo above features a print of Toronto's CN Tower breaking apart by my friend Jennifer Castle.)

I came across this image today on Pinterest of a child's skull with both the baby and adult sets of teeth. Just looking at those humungo teeth hovering up in the jaw brings me back to the pain of my wisdom teeth trying to grow horizontally in my jaw. I would dream of teeth all night long and have a painful, clenched jaw when I woke up.

Ivy's bottom teeth poked through when she was about 8 weeks ago. The drool-fest hasn't started again yet to signal the impending arrival of her two top front teeth.

bye 4 now

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